Formal Apology from GT Asia Series

Formal Apology from GT Asia Series

Formal Apology from GT Asia Series

It has come to our attention that during the recent GT Asia event held at the Sepang Circuit in Malaysia on April 1st, that the flag of Taiwan was displayed in the pit lane, on the grid and also at the Podium presentation.

We have only ever authorised the display of the Chinese Taipei flag, (Olympic flag), as is the practice in all International Sporting competitions. We have also ensured that the term Chinese Taipei be used in all of our official media communications over the 10 years that GT Asia has existed.

As much as this flag appears to be openly displayed, it was not as obvious in the context of the whole event as the photos make it appear, as obviously this is a rather large area with many different competitors, flags.

Nevertheless, following an internal investigation we have discovered that the flag was observed by one of our staff during the Podium presentation, but they were unable to intervene directly to remove the flag in the middle of the ceremony.

We are extremely disappointed that these competitors chose to display this flag against International protocol, our GT Asia Regulations and strict policies and we do not take this matter at all lightly.

We have always welcomed the participation of competitors from Taiwan in GT Asia since its inception and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them in the future with mutual respect of the regulations and protocols.

We have always had a strict policy that Politics should never be a part of Sport.

We wish to apologise unreservedly for any offence that this may have caused and we are now implementing the following step:

1) Immediate strengthening of all of our systems to prevent any reoccurrence of this type of issue in the future.
2) Change of Podium procedures.
3) Issuing a public apology through all of our Official media channels.
4) Removal of any photo or video displaying this flag on any of our official media channels and TV distribution.
4) And last but not least, an immediate ban imposed on the drivers that were involved in this incident from continued participation in GT Asia.

Once again we wish to extend our sincerest apologies for this unfortunate incident.

David Sonenscher
CEO - Motorsport Asia Limited

Motorsport Asia Ltd
44 Jalan Kemajuan
Section 12/18
Petaling Jaya 46200



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